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Butter consists milk fat,non fat,water.the water is dispersed as fine droplets so that it looks dry. Main constituents of butter is milk fat comprising glycerol & fatty acids. Milk fat comprised mostly of triglycerides, mono& diglycerides, lipoproteins, phospholipid & glycolipids. The tryglycerides are of different composition with respect to their components fatty acids,approximately 40% of which are unsaturated.
Butter melts at about 35°C and re-solidifies at 23°C. The firmness of butterfat varies with proportion of saturated & unsaturated fatty acids, chain length, degree of unsaturation and position of fatty acids on the glycerol molecule. The change in butter softness is due to change in fatty acids and triglycerides structure of the milk fat. 
On an average ,Butter contains about 50.5% saturated fatty acids, 23.5% mono-unsaturated fatty acids,3.0% Polyunsaturated fatty acids & 0.22% Cholesterol. A typical fatty acids composition of butter is depicted.

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